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TeamTMA Takes Aim Outdoors!

Unleashing Excitement with our new Outdoor Shooting Class!

This guide will help you Sign up for Shooting Outdoors at Paseo.

Outdoors Shooting Requirements:

  • Must have your own equipment

  • Must have active Paseo Timber Mesa Archers Membership

The cost for shooting at Paseo is $50 per year.

Timber Mesa Archers shoots outdoors at Paseo Vista Recreation Area, the location of our sister club Paseo Vista Archery with Head Coach Mike Cullumber. Coach Mike has opened up his outdoor range to Timber Mesa Archers athletes to help us grow and help further the sport of Archery.

Timber Mesa wants to be good stewards of Paseo’s courtesy, so we always follow Paseo rules when we are at Paseo. Additionally, when you meet Mike let him know our club is appreciative for letting us continue to use his range.

Timber Mesa Archers has the option to use the Archery field exclusively two days per week on Monday and Wednesday. On these days, Timber Mesa determines the archery class we will do whether indoor or outdoor distances, drills or competition. Please use the app to determine if class time are available.

On Tuesday and Thursdays, Mike's Archery club, Paseo Vista Archery has practice. These days may be open for Timber Mesa Archers periodically (by invite only). Mike’s requires Timber Mesa’s Coaches to be present for a Timber Mesa Archer to attend. At the moment, these dates are reserved solely for Olympic level subscribers due to space limitations.

For TMA, available dates for shooting outdoors will be made available on the website and through the app. See Outdoor Class*

In this guide, you will find instructions to sign up and complete all the requirements to set up your Paseo Timber Mesa Membership

Note: You do not need a Paseo Timber Mesa membership to attend outdoor tournaments or Virtual Shoots held at Paseo.

Getting Started (Download PDF)

Step 2: Select Memberships then Member Signup

Step 3: For Membership Type select: Timber Mesa JOAD then Next

Step 4: Select: I Agree …and your preference for Paseo emails.

These emails are for Paseo Archers Only.

Step 5: Complete the form and pay the fees.

Step 6: Take note of your Paseo Order Reference and Membership Start Date

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Jessica Coleman
Jessica Coleman
Aug 13, 2023

Wahoo! So fun!

Aug 20, 2023
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Got it

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