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Annual Membership

Join our Team! Youth, Adults, and Para athletes are welcome to join and track their development and progress. Joining our club grants access to elite coaching, pin progression, outdoor shooting options, development videos and resources, and membership pricing on: fun shoots, club hosted tournaments, and seminars. We are always thinking of way to provide more value for our members.  

Archers must be approved by our Head Coach before they are invited to join our competitive team. This requirement ensures each archer and parent understands tournament etiquette, scoring, rules, and the importance of the mental game. Team Jerseys are available to Competitive Archers.

Download TMA Release / Waiver


What's Included in your Annual Membership

Our Program now has simplified pricing for those who want to learn Archery. One membership level allows archers to shoot an unlimited classes during the month.


Note: Class sizes are limited and booking is managed on a first come first serve basis.

Individual Plan: $100 Annually + $80 per Month 

Family Plan: $150 Annually + $150 per Month (up to 4 members)


  • Member Voting Rights

  • Annual Meeting Invite

  • Earn Pin Achievements

  • Development Resources

  • Preferred Pricing

  • New Member Starter Kit

Download TMA Release / Waiver

New Member Kit:

Elastic Practice Cord

Exercise Stretch Band

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Class Types

Included with Membership

Standard Class

This is a standard archery class with Coaching. Archers shoot at a distance related to their individual experience level.

Pin Shoot

This class is officially scored and is tracked by the club. Shoot for pin achievements, personal bests, club records, 

Competition Class

A competition class is for those who want to simulate competition conditions, work on their mental game, or learn about distraction training

Open Shoot

Class it open for archers to work on skills or shooting as needed. They can ask questions and just forcus on improvement.

Drills Class

This class is focused on a specific skill or specific set of skills. During these sessions archers will work on something specific to help shooting consistency. 

Specialty Class ($$)

Special classes can be fun shoots or virtual tournaments that generally carry an additional cost. These provide develop opportunities or other unique experiences. 

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